Warehousing & Logistics

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In our headquarters in Barcelona's Zona Franca facilities, we have 12,500 square meters of warehouse available to our customers.

In our warehouse, we are authorized by the Customs Administration to make customs clearance, both import and export, so there we can consolidate, deconsolidate and make transits both in sea and terrestrial shipments.


We also store goods under Bonded Warehouse Procedure and Separate Customs Warehousing with duties and/or VAT suspension. It means a great advantage in importing goods from third countries, because they can be stored free of taxes, that should only be paid as the goods are used. The length of stay in Customs Warehousing Procedure is unlimited.


At APR we have an Stock Control Department where we can perform your orders management and distribution.


We also have our own fleet of trucks and the necessary links for making the goods distribution to major Spanish cities and in the European Economic Community (EEC).


Warehousing management and logistics are done by the Ibercondal Service .


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Under the name of Ibercondal we manage everything related to our customers logistics and warehousing.


We create customized solutions that meet the needs of each customer in order to optimize logistics management and to achieve greater efficiency in the goods management


Ibercondal provides the following services:

  • Unloading of trucks and containers
  • Transits
  • Palletazing of goods
  • Labeling 
  • Packaging
  • Stocks control
  • Order preparation
  • Picking 
  • Bar code reading