Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At APR we are fully committed to sustainable development and understand the crucial role that companies play in this scope. That is why we put sustainability at the heart of our company, incorporating CSR into our Vision, Mission and Values, that is, into our company’s DNA.

Our commitment towards different stakeholders is materialised through two channels. On the one hand, a corporate governance model in line with the international best practices; and, on the other hand, our CSR plan.

Our CSR Policy

At APR, we have begun to collaborate with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, created by the UN in 2015, focusing on the most relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our activity. By doing so, we contribute to the purpose of undertaking as a company a new path with which to improve the lives of everyone, without leaving anyone behind.

Once again, it is time to make a collective human effort and demonstrate our capacity as a society to build the world we want.

Our comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

For this reason, at APR we do not want to lag behind and would like to be the leading player within this scope, taking action in the following areas:

Good governance

At APR we pursue excellence in this scope through long-term, responsible and transparent management that is transmitted through a clear vision, mission and values in which the staff, customers and the environment are at the heart of it all.


At APR we are aware that our main asset is our workforce. They are the beating heart of our activity thanks to their involvement in working as an extension of our customers’ business.
This is why we place people at the centre of APR’s values, with the aim of extending our staff’s experience.


We are aware of the importance of the environment in our lives; therefore, APR not only minimise the impact of its activity, but it also transmits them to its team and involves it in these values, while extending them to suppliers and customers.


APR strives to achieve Excellence, which is why quality of service, personalised treatment and transparency guide our relationship with customers, bringing value to society.