International air freight transportation

We have been an IATA agent since 1974, which means that we have a long history in air freight management. Our deep knowledge on the sector’s operating mechanisms guarantees the optimisation of times and even avoids any business losses.

Our perfectly structured, coordinated and consolidated air freight departments are fully prepared for any of your needs, to solve any of your queries and to manage all needed requirements for urgent shipments.

We have agreements in place with the main airlines on the market, which enables us to offer a wide range of services: from Premium services with guaranteed flights to Economy services, which also benefit from the speed of air transport.

Air transport services

We do not only offer services for all types of loads, we are also specialists in transporting products that require special procedures or handling, such as the following:

  • Pharma / GDP
  • Temperature-controlled / Perishable products
  • Dangerous goods
  • E-commerce

We offer two levels of service for each of your shipments in order to fully meet your needs:


Customised solution for shipments that require special treatment, tracking and strict lead time fulfilment, guaranteeing space in the hold as well as the flight departures and connections.


The best alternative based on the price and transit time required by our customers, without neglecting the urgency involved in an air transport service and supported by our extensive network of agents and contracts with airlines.

Global exclusive network of agents

We have an extensive network of representatives in the world’s main airports to make the necessary arrangements and offer a service that lives up to our standards of quality, from the good’s origin to final destination.

The close relationship between APR and its agents, all of which have been selected and approved by our management, makes it easy to ensure a flawless control of shipments.

Thanks to this network, we can offer you specific services, such as the following:

  • Buyers consolidation
  • Triangular operations
  • Quality assurance
  • Intermodal shipping
  • Volumes, packaging, labelling and a long list of options that we have on offer based on your needs

Supplementary services:

Bonded warehouse
Customs clearance
Fulfilment service
Online shipment management
APR On-line

Our goods tracking system

Thanks to our online management system, you will be able to track your orders and gain further control of the logistics chain.

By having the relevant data available in real time, such as estimated and actual arrival dates, you can make better decisions more efficiently.

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