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We have been processing export and import operations in Spain since 1835

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Customs representative and international logistics operator

We have dedicated our entire activity to international trade since 1835. This proven solvency provides us a great reaction capacity to anticipate your needs. We have specialised in customs services since our inception, and we have also offered our services as a freight forwarder and logistics operator in Spain for over 50 years.
What is the main advantage of working with APR? Our 360º, thorough, quality service allows you to delegate all procedures associated with international logistics to us and focus on your main activity.

At APR you will find a highly trained and motivated team, fully focused on meeting your needs whilst always demonstrating integrity, excellence and involvement in their work.

This combination, together with our digitally innovative nature and our commitment towards sustainability and our teams, enables us to ensure the continuity of our business, generating value for you and your company.

Our experience and constant pursuit of excellence has led us to where we stand today: a leading company in comprehensive logistics and customs services with extensive domestic and international experience.

Our history

Our services: Customs agent, logistics and international transportation

A gateway to the 5 continents. Almost 2 centuries of experience providing comprehensive solutions in the international logistics chain: customs clearance, international transportation and storage.

01. Transportation

We have a global network of exclusive agents, which are leaders in the air, sea and land transport markets. A network that we supplement with our own regular and guaranteed routes in the world’s main ports and airports, allowing us to adapt to your needs and offer the best logistics solution.

02. Customs representation services

We are one of the most experienced customs representatives in the market, providing us great expertise in the field of customs and customs-related services. We are therefore a renowned company in the sector. Our activities are framed in a great respect for and compliance with current regulations: We are an AEO and can manage all types of customs clearances in the most efficient way possible.

03. International logistics and storage

We have more than 30 000 m2 of storage available to offer our logistics services: stock holding, order preparation, labelling, packaging, etc., which are managed and distributed by our Fulfilment department.

We also have the Customs and non-Customs Warehousing authorisations required to hold stock without requiring customs clearance.

Logistics technology

We provide you with our technological tools designed especially to improve the efficiency of your logistics operations. You will be able to use a series of management tools to track your orders online, upload delivery instructions and download delivery notes, and we can even design tailor-made functions.

APR On-line

Software for online queries regarding the status of your shipment and your custom clearence, customs documentation, transport documentation, invoicing and warehouse stocks.

Easy Rate

Tool designed to provide our customers with air and sea transport offers to all airports and ports in the world.


Invoice delivery service in PDF format, certified by Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (Spanish Mint). Certification approved by AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency).

Almost 200 years
of experience in figures

50,000 shipments a year and
300 agents worldwide

Spread across the five continents

6 branches and
over 140 employees

With the aim of offering top-quality service

+250.000 tons
transported every year

Loaded annually from Spain and shipped to the 5 continents

Supporting certifications:

In 2009 we became one of the first customs agents and freight forwarders certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

Our quality management has been certified since 1994.

IATA certified agent since 1974.

Certification granted by FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations).

Certified since 2011, it is indicative of our commitment towards providing reliability, information, transparency and security to our customers.

All our branches have been certified by AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency) as a Certified Agent due to applying all the safety and security controls established by the EU.

We are authorised by AESA (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition) to work with food.

Are you interested in our customs, international logistics or storage services?

We provide a 360º solution that meets your logistical needs, from collection at source to reception at destination, including customs procedures, storage and shipping via sea, air or land transport.

Thanks to our APR Online portal, you will be able to control the status of your shipped goods at all times, and our customer service department will help you whenever you need it.

Let us know your domestic or international logistical needs, and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible